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Easy fall waterbed checklist

Posted by Andy on 9/3/2011
Easy fall Waterbed Checklist
     Labor Day is here and it is time to do the annual waterbed check up. No one wants to have waterbed problems when there is snow and ice on the ground or during the holidays when we just don’t have time to deal with another problem. Here is a check list that should will help you remedy problems ahead of time.
    • Remove all the bedding: from your waterbed (remove the cover if you have a soft side or a hardside cover)
    • Inspect Your Mattress: Run your hand between the water mattress and the side and end rails, all the way to the bottom (wood or foam) checking for any leaks. Check for items that may have fallen along the edge that may cause a puncture or increased wear and remove them.
    • Add Sterling R55 Waterbed Conditioner: to improve vinyl and fiber life. Sterling R55 Conditioner also stops noisy air bubbles from forming. One application usually lasts for a year. o Burp: (remove excess air) and tighten cap securely.
    • Wash the water mattress vinyl: with vinyl cleaner to condition and remove soil, skin and body oil to increase the life of your mattress.
    • Check your waterbed heater: Turn the heater up a few degrees to make sure the controller light comes on. If you have a Sterling mattress check the temperature strip on the filler flap to insure the temp is warmer than room temp. If the heater isn’t working replace it.
    • Reassemble and make your bed: Your fall inspection is done. You may have found problems that you were not aware of but at least you caught them before it was catastrophic.

      Andy the Waterbed Guy