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Sterling ER400SX Super Waveless Control System
Internal Control Components

Sterling ER400SX Super Waveless Control System

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Queen (60" X 84")
Queen Dual (60" X 84") + $70.00
King (76" X 80")
King Dual (76" X 80") + $70.00
Cal King (72" X 84")
Cal King Dual (72" X 84") + $70.00
The soft textured surface of the 400SX reduces surface pull and water displacement, providing a gentle conforming support, while eliminating movement. The 400 SX is ideal for customers that need more wave control and firmness. 
Molded Mattress Surface design for true independent support
  • Premium 24 Mil Endura III Vinyl
  • Thermal Black Bottom for longer mattress life and improved heat distribution
  • 4 Full Size Sheets of 1.5 oz bonded fiber
  • 3 Mid Body layers of 1.5 oz bonded fiber
  • 5 years Full Warranty / Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Fill and Air Vent Valves
  • Fiber Lock Technology reducing fiber migration and increases comfort life 
  • "L" Corner construction for a flat independent  sleeping surface
  • Exclusive Linen Lock Corners to lock your sheets in place better than ever U.S. Patent 5,005,237
  • 100% made in the U.S.A.
Sterling Endura III� Waterbed Vinyl

When manufacturing waterbeds, material quality determines product excellence. Endura III is formulated with the finest resins and plasticizers available for waterbeds.

Sterling Endura III waterbed PVC was developed exclusively by Sterling Sleep Systems to meet all recognized performance and health standards established for waterbed vinyl in the US and in the Europe.

Endura III significantly exceeds the California Bureau of home furnishings performance standards. Over the last 20 years we learned that low temperature performance is an important indicator of overall material formulation stability, not just a measure of how well the product will survive shipping during winter months. The California Bureau of Home Furnishings standards requires waterbed material to pass a -20 F test, we engineered Endura III to exceed -35 degree F. We are not aware of any other waterbed material that equals this standard currently.

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